Professional Underwater CCD Video Camera with 12-LED Night Vision & Video Output

Professional Underwater CCD Video Camera with 12-LED Night Vision & Video OutputProfessional Underwater CCD Video Camera with 12-LED Night Vision & Video Output
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Being in the water is a great way to spend a hot day whether on a boat or not. Wouldn't it be nice to check out what it is like under the water before we get in? What about checking out where the fish are before we cast our rods! There are some great underwater cameras available.
This is a top of the line underwater camera. It has a ¼” CCD image sensor capable of 420 TV lines resolution. It is capable of NTSC and PAL outputs so this camera will be compatible worldwide. The camera has built in LED lighting to brighten up the dark underwater images. IT has a minimum of 50 dB S/N ration. It has a great underwater range of up to 5m depending on the water conditions. It has a 3.6mm lens and a viewing angle of 92 degrees which is perfect to catch every bit of light needed for those high quality clear videos. It has a 20 m long cable so it’s able to reach what ever audio video system you want to connect to. This is a completely sealed waterproof camera with a rating of IP5.
It’s pretty spectacular to watch what happens underwater. It is great for what ever your water needs are, from keeping an eye on your pool to fishing in the open sea.
- Color: Yellow
- Image sensor: 1/4" CCD
- Resolution: 420 TV Lines
- Minimum illumination: 0LUX (LED lights on)
- Pixel: PAL 500(H) x 582(V) / NTSC 510(H) x 492(V)
- LED light rated current: 70mA (max 270mA)
- Power supply: DC 12V
- S/N ratio: at least 50dB
- Auto white balance: on/off
- Video signal output: 1 V(p-p) composite video signal at 75 ohm termination
- Visual range under water: 3~5m
- Lens: 3.6mm
- Angular Field of View: 92 degree
- Shutter speed: 1/60~1/12000 sec
- Working temperature: -10 ~ +50 degree Celsius
- Length of the included waterproof cable: 20m
- Waterproof grade: IP5
- Can be connected to video monitor with AV input
- Comes with English manual

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