Paint Thickness Tester

Paint Thickness TesterPaint Thickness Tester
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Paint Thickness Tester Paint Thickness Tester Paint Thickness Tester
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1. Hold the tester and make sure that it is as least 20cm away from the
object to be tested and other objects. Then press the " TEST " button
to turn on the tester. " - - " appears on the display and flashes,
meanwhile the measurement unit " mm " appears.
2. Press the " UNIT " button to select desired unit - mm or mil.
3. Place the tester's probe perpendicularly on the surface to be tested,
the display will show the coating thickness.
If the display shows " - - ", it means that the tester does not
detect any iron, steel or aluminum substrate.
If the display shows " OL ", it means that the coating thickness
exceeds the tester's measuring range.
If the display shows " - O ", it means that the probe has wear or
the substrate under the coatings may be other kind of metal other
than iron, steel or aluminum.
4. When you make measurement, the reading will remain on the
display if you move quickly the tester away from the surface under
test; and you can press the " TEST " button to delete this reading,
the display will show " - - ".
5. If you do not press any button and the tester does not detect the
presence of steel, iron or aluminum for about 30 seconds, the
tester will turn off automatically.
If you want to turn off the tester manually, press and hold down the
" TEST " button for more than about 1 second.
During measurement, if the temperature changes, turn off the tester
and then turn it on again and then make measurement immediately.
This can ensure measurement accuracy.
1. Probe
Measuring probe of the tester. Before measurement, place the tester
with its probe firmly and in a right angle against the surface to be
2. Display
3. " TEST " Button
1. Press this " TEST " button to turn on the tester. Press and hold
down this button for about 1 second to turn off the tester.
2. Press this " TEST " button to delete the reading on the display,
the display will show " - - ".
4. " UNIT " Button
Press this " UNIT " button to select desired unit: mm or mil.
When the low battery indicator " " appears on the display, the button
cell is low and must be replaced immediately.
1. Make sure that the tester has turned off, then rotate the battery cover
in the direction indicated by the arrows on the battery cover.
2. Tap the tester on palm to remove the battery cover and the
exhausted button cell.
3. Install a new button cell of the same type (3V button cell, CR2032 or
equivalent), make sure the positive terminal of the button cell will
face the battery cover when the battery cover is installed.
4. Reinstall the battery cover.
Paint Thickness Tester
Instruction Sheet
This tester is designed to not-destructively measure the thickness of
non-magnetic coatings ( including paint, enamel, plastic, epoxy, etc ) on
iron, steel or aluminum.
Measuring Range: 0.0mm to 2.0mm
0mil to 80mil
Accuracy: 2%rdg ± 0.1mm, or 2%rdg ± 4mil
Note: Accuracy is guaranteed at the operating temperature
of 23°C ± 5°C and relative humidity of not more than 75%.
Resolution: 0.1mm/1mil
Power Supply: 3V button cell, CR2032 or equivalent, 1 piece
Operating Environment: Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity: < 80%
Temperature Coefficient:
0.05×( 2%rdg ± 0.1mm, or 2%rdg ± 4mil )/°C( < 18°C or > 28°C)
Storage Environment: Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Relative humidity: < 80%
Size: 6.9×3.8×2cm
Weight: About 23g ( including button cell )
Dear Customer,
If you at some point intend to dispose of this article, then
please keep in mind that many of its components consist of
valuable materials, which can be recycled.
Please do not discharge it in the garbage bin, but check with
your local council for recycling facilities in your area.
1. This instruction sheet is subject to change without notice.
2. Our company will not take the other responsibilities.
3. The content of this instruction sheet can not be used as the reason
to use the thermometer for any special application.
1. Do not discard button cell into fire or water.
2. Do not short button cell's terminals.

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