NIKON EL10 Compatible Battery (3.7V Li-Ion)

NIKON EL10 Compatible Battery (3.7V Li-Ion)NIKON EL10 Compatible Battery (3.7V Li-Ion)
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- Multiple protection circuits
- Anti-aging, vibration-proof, and strong PC Polycarbonate casing (a bullet proof material)
- No memory effect
- Quick charge supported (requires a charger with quick charge capability)
- Manufactured by PISEN (a well established battery manufacturer)

- This battery supports the following models:

S200 / S500

Compatibility Note: the above compatibility list is manufacturer provided. We suggest you to double check and confirm that this battery's model number "NIKON EL10" matches that of your devices' original battery. 

NIKON EL10 Compatible Battery (3.7V Li-Ion)

- Fully compatible with NIKON EL10 original battery packs
- Rated output voltage: 3.7V
- Rated capacity: mAh
- Battery technology: Li-Ion
- Battery casing material: PC Polycarbonate Plastic

Safety warnings (the usual ones for rechargeable batteries):
- Use only your device's original charger or a PISEN charger to recharge PISEN batteries
- Do not disassemble the product
- Do not throw PISEN batteries in fire
- When not in use for more than half a year, completely discharge and recharge the battery every 6 months to preserve battery performance


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