Cool Safe Lightweight Bladeless Fan - Pink

Cool Safe Lightweight Bladeless Fan - PinkCool Safe Lightweight Bladeless Fan - Pink
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Boyut: 27 CM x 17.50 CM x 13 CM

Summer is here and you might be sweating away in the heat. Staying cool is a top priority for most people. Having the AC running correctly in your home and office, as well as car is a must but it’s not always an option.

If you need to rely on a fan to keep cool then this one is for you. The cool design of this fan is that there are no spinning blades. That means it so safe even a baby can play with it. It is super simple to clean since there is no fans to have dust build up on. This is perfect for your home or office and is a piece of the future!
- Material: Plastic
- 2-Modes: Low & High
- Safe, no fast-spinning blades
- Easy to clean, no awkward grilles and blades
- Perfect for hot summer
- Includes 1 x 100~240V power adapter (2-flat-pin plug)

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